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Dec 2016 Lost Humor disabled - copyright material being used for comedy routine  

 Little Farmer Sept 27 '14
Little Farmer 2014
JMKAC Best Band Competition August'14
JMKAC Best Band Competition August'14

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Upcoming Gigs 2014
Winter- just open mics, don't like to haul equipment when
its cold.
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Sat Nov 15, 2014- update Gigs and  Lost Humor.
Tues Sept 7, 2014- general update, lost humor. Little Farmer
gig went well.. good weather! Open mic 10/3 was fun. Nov 7th I'm singing Day Tripper w. the 12 string.
Thur Sept 18, 2014- add Jmkac pic, lost humor.
Thur July 24, 2014- updates and new lost humor.
Weds June 11, 2014- update dates and lost humor.
Monday April 28, 2014- update
Monday March 24, 2014- update- gigs, lost humor.
Fri Jan 24,2014- update gig list, lost humor.

  Charlie & Rough Around the Edges

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Plymouth Arts Center Open Mics-
Sat Dec 6, 2014
Acoustic Jams- 1stFri-Saukville, 2ndFri-Wesley Church Sheboygan. Occassional open mic at Rosetti's Turner Hall in Plymouth.,
Always google to confirm.
Land of Lost Humor
The 7 continents- N.America, S.America, Africa, Australia, Antartica, Asia, Europe. Hey, Asia and Europe are just one continent! In my opinion there are only 6.

Where are the East and West poles?

24/7- forget it. If there was a problem at work I told my boss I was on it 8/5.

It may be 20F outside, but at least I don't have to worry about sharks.