A Ridiculous Lunch with Bobby Fischer
Obi the Cat  February 8, 2010

In 1973 I participated in a multi-player chess exhibition at Southridge (Milwaukee) against Jude Acers, who is in
the Guiness Book of World Records for playing against the most players at one time, ~463.  I lasted 37 moves and
was the 8th player left out of 46.  I lost a pawn early.  In the game of chess a piece is sometimes sacrificed to gain
position, but, as in life, not all loses result in an eventual better situation.  However, my minor success was noted
and 30 years later I was invited to lunch at Bobby Fisher’s place in Ryciavh Iceland.  Lunch with the greatest Chess
Grand Master of all time.

Bobby himself greeted me and we went to a picnic table in the garden where the other guests mingled.
After a glass of wine, which I am to date suspicious of, odd became strange.  I noticed two timekeeping
devices and neither was moving..yet. It was like time had stopped.

Lunch was put on the table -  roast duckling - and Bobby’s witicism - “game on“ - was clearly a
ententre’, the start of some form of chess match.  The clock tower was heard to start running.

Kasparov wanted the mustard and stated “knight to king eight”.  Sure enough, the mustard was moved to him.
I had asked for the mustard earlier and was ignored except for a few chuckles.. I was a bit embarrassed, but
I was catching on.

The mind games continue until Fisher made his move.  On this occsasion he had surrounded himself with

Eastern European women and introduced one as his bride-to-be:  This could be Czech-mate! Oh-oh!
I had one possibility to force a draw.
Hey Fisher: capture en-passent, no pepper for you!


After this move the clock tower stopped and the sundial started moving, I can only explain this with a picture-

The resulting exponential acceleration of time as part of my move had dire consequences for Fisher
and his friends.  His bride-to-be aged rapidly and became very old, fragile, wrinkled, dried out…like
a stale piece of bread.


Yes, it was a stalemate. So lunch was a draw.  There will be no rematch as Bobby Fisher
passed away jan 19, 2005.
I learned one thing from this:
       Use your noggin’ when you‘re hobnobbin'.

Obi Binocular Pants