About Charlie ...

Charlie's folk roots are in the music of the late Sixties and early Seventies. An accomplished fingerstyle/Travis picking guitarist, he also flatpicks, plays harmonica, and sings. These skills were learned while attenting college in Northfield Mn. and further developed while earning an engineering degree in Boston Ma.  Work took precedence, but in 1998 Charlie revived his music career and played in the Summer Concert Series in Kiel, Wi. and the Evening in the Park Concerts in Brillion, Wi. This was followed by open mikes and performances from 2004 to present.

Originally from the Milwaukee area, Charlie got his first guitar while in high school. As a freshman in college he met a fellow student who taught him how to Travis pick. Interest in the guitar grew and Charlie became a member of a renowned, but short lived,  jug band - The Greenfield Iowa Mollases Truck Explosion.  Now residing in the New Holstein Wi. area, Charlie performs regularily - solo, sometimes with son Christopher, or with Rough Around the Edges (Charlie, Christopher, Bill on bass, Fred on dobro).

Caution: the following commentary is not to be taken seriously!
Mr.Cramer plays two 45 minute sets.  The first set has the more difficult pieces
and Mr. Cramer performs this set sober.  In the second set Mr. Cramer’s playing
condition is as he sees fit.  Mr. Cramer plays for a modest fee plus all expenses
(including beer), downpayment before the concert, after the concert.  If Mr. Cramer
does not like the audience he leaves with the downpayment. All aspects of performance-
fees, playing condition, beer, downpayment, leaving - are negotiable.

            --- You can find better but you'll never pay more ---

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