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Fri Dec 27,2013- add note on barn progress, update gig list.
Tues June 25- add note about gigs and barn renovation.
Fri May 31- Sorry for the lapse. Did open mike at Plymouth and then an actual Concert at the Chilton Library. It was a lot of fun.  Thanks to Steve at the Library.
Sat April 13- Plymouth Open Mic yesterday was fun- Bill played bass, took Jimmy along. Saw singer/songwriter Drew Nelson at the Library last Monday.

Wed Feb 6, 2013- Did Plymouth Open Mic last Friday, me and Bill on bass. Wine shop gig will be re-scheduled.
Tues Jan 22- Library open mike- understandabley no one showed up because it was -11 degrees. We'll try again in April.
Thur Jan 17- "New" Plymouth Open Mic went good. Played at Felician Village w. Bill & Fred because of a cancelation. I'm playing out in winter... not my usual hibernation!
Mon Jan 7, 2013- Happy New Year!
Fri. Nov.23- Plymouth Open Mike. Wi.River and Creole Belle w. Fred on dobro. Took Jimmy.
Fri. Nov.8- Update. Hey, the Plymouth Open Mikes will continue! - I'll be doing technical support and backup. Also, I'll be hosting open mikes at the Chilton Library.

Mon. Oct.15- Update. Did Little Farmer 9/26 and Plymouth Open Mike 10/12.
Mon. Sept 10- update w. Willodale gig (9/5) video.
Thurs Aug 23- Update website... did Terra Verde, Liberty Grove (Door Co.), and Kiwanis Arts & Crafts gigs.
Fri July13- Did Rocky Knoll and Olde Ellison Bay Days gigs
Thurs.June 7,2012- did Open Mike at Plymouth and concert at Homestead Care Center.
Thurs.May 10- added Frontier links.
Wed. May 2- Plymouth Open Mike and Monroe Crossing w. Red Star Express last weekend.

Monday April 16- Taxes are done (6 sets).. back to music.
Friday April 6- Recorded "Walk Right In" prototype featuring 2-track harmony. Not bad.
Thursday March 29- Played Calgary and Anji, with Bill on bass, at Plymouth Open Mike last Friday.

Monday March 19,2012- Played at open jam at the Cedars Lodge on Saturday. Thanks Marlyn and Linda..and Tammy.

Friday March 9,2012- Folk-Rock met limited is a "go". I'm starting Spring next weekend. Winter is over!

Friday March 2, 2012
- Folk-Rock prototypes- Mississippi Queen, Mr. Tamborine Man  - need more work.  They make me laugh.. what was I thinkin'.

Thurs Feb. 23, 2012- Mississippi Queen tab from Guitar Player does not match song.. not even close. I'm looping it in Sonar, a much better way to learn.
Thurs February 16, 2012- Thinking about folk-rock set list. Noteable events- Sat. Feb. 18- Jam at Wheyside, Rotunda at Terra Verde. Sat. March 3- Bill Staines in Appleton (I met Bill in 1968 at the Sword in the Stone in Boston,...I wonder if he remembers).

Friday February 3, 2012- Official release, this website is done!  That means I have to update it every week from now on.
Thursday November 17, 2011- Developing this website. Should be done soon.
Saturday September 17, 2011- Little Farmer gig, with Christopher and Fred. Tracy Wundrock did a set.  Jimmy went along.

Friday September 2, 2011- Concert at the Felician Village in Manitowoc w. Bill. A great crowd.
Sunday August 21, 2011- 5th annual Kiwanis Arts & Crafts Fair. Perfect weather and a good time had by all.
Saturday August 13, 2011-
Played a gig at the Z-Spot in Sheboygan with Christopher, Bill, and Fred.  Went good.  Z-Spot

Sunday July 24, 2011- Liberty Grove Historical Society Arts & Crafts Fair. 1st set (with Bill on bass, Fred on dobro, and Chris on guitar) went ok, 2nd set rained out $%^. Guest artists Pete Scheuerman and Tracy Wundrock were great.  Door Co. solos & rain

Friday July 1, 2011- Open Mike at Harmony Cafe in Appleton. Went with Christopher and Jimmy.
Friday June 17, 2011-
Open Jam at Wesley Church in Sheboygan. Lots of fun.
Friday April 29, 2011-
Open mike at Plymouth. Fred, Bill, and Steve accompanied and it resulted in a great sound. Bill played bass for Anji. Updated Lost Humor below.


Sunday April 17, 2011- OFFICIAL GIG #10 at Rocky Knoll w. Chris and Bill  Open Mike at the Paradigm in Sheboygan at night.   If Not for You   Tom Dooley  Embryonic Journey   Short Grass
Sunday March 13, 2011-
OFFICIAL GIG #9 at the Homestead Care Center, with Christopher and Bill on bass.  Sure sounds good with a bass.
Friday March 4, 2011-
Had to adjust bridges on 3 guitars this week.. must be the weather. New lost humor below. Getting ready for Homestead concert next Sunday.
Tuesday March 1, 2011-
 Open mike at Plymouth was awsome as usual. Me and Bill (bass) rocked! Next gig at Homestead in two weeks, got to get new camera by then.
Tuesday February 17, 2011- More upcoming gigs info. Making my own arrangements in Finale'.  See new Lost Humor below.
Tuesday February 1, 2011-
Some dates are confirmed, see Upcoming.  New Lost Humor, see below.  Bass player is on-board, first event is Plymouth open mike 2/25. Added K&K pickups to 12-string and slotted bridge so it can be pulled out and modified as needed without removing strings... plays good now!
Tuesday January 11, 2011-
Happy New Year!  Not much music activity over the holidays. Working on gigs for this year, see Upcoming.  Also improving arrangements and adding 12-string and folk-rock sets.  Might add a bass player and a mandolin player.


Thursday December 9, 2010- Jimmy and I went to the Red Star Express concert at Heritage Park last Saturday and they were awesome. A great performance by great musicians.  Added a couple of items to Lost Humor.
Friday December 3,2010- Missed the Thanksgiving open mike at Plymouth. Working on making my song renditions more true to the original by studying "lesson" videos on u-tube. Also preparing material for musicians I hope to add to the "act". January I will start setting up gigs for 2011. I apologize for the break.  Merry Christmas to all!
Friday October 22, 2010- OFFICIAL GIG #8, Felician Village, Manitowoc Wi.  Nice folks, nice management. Then Open Mike Plymouth Wi, good to see everyone again and get on-stage w. Christopher
Saturday October 16, 2010- Open Mike at Terra Verde Coffee House, Chilton, Wi. Did a couple of insturmentals... took Jimmy
Friday October 15, 2010- OFFICIAL GIG #6- Little Farmer. OFFICIAL GIG #7- Terra Verde Coffee House. See pics & clips below.  Got Martin D-18 guitar back, see sidebar
Thursday September 16, 2010- Jimmy and I went to Jorma Kaukonen/Barry Mitterhoff concert at Lakeland College - see events below for pictures. Met Joe of who wrote a really good review on his website.
Saturday August 15, 2010- Kiwanis Arts & Crafts Fair, New Holstein. Managed acoustic music stage. All went well
Saturday August 7, 2010- OFFICIAL GIG #5 @ Terra Verde Coffee House, Chilton Wi, went OK. Many thanks to Melissa and Marko. Learning from video- balance the mixer carefully, don't look at music so much, sing into the mike... little things mean a lot. At least Christopher and I looked good.
Sunday July 18, 2010- OFFICIAL GIG #4 @ Liberty Grove Arts & Crafts Fair, Ellison Bay, Wi. Despite some sprinkles, it went well. See Events and Movie Clips.
Sunday June 26, 2010- OFFICIAL GIG #3 @ Rocky Knoll.
Thursday June 17, 2010- Red Star Express concert in Chilton. Saw John Lambert at Mud Creek Cafe in Stockbridge Friday.
Saturday June 12, 2010- See 'upcoming' for gig list. Contacted Martin Guitars, looks like my 1967 guitar needs the neck planed and reset.
Friday April 30, 2010- Plymouth open mike was crowded, ~21 performers. Finished Mr. Tamborine Man (verses 3 & 4). Used 12-string which I re-strung righty and made new nut/saddle..turned out pretty good. Jim went along. 
Friday April 9, 2010- Bought cheap 12-string! Last visit to Henri's, w. Chris, Lisa, and Jimmy.
Sunday March 28, 2010- OFFICIAL GIG #2 @ Calumet Homestead care facility w. Christopher.  Went better than gig #1!
Friday March 19, 2010- Plymouth open mike- Ted Mack Rag w. kazoo, Mr. Tamborine Man verses 1 & 2. Took Jimmy.
Friday February 12, 2010- Did open mike at Plymouth- Grandfather's Clock. Nice to do something different. Jimmy and I lost the vacuum cleaner belts, dropped off DVD at Dreams Unlimited. 
Friday January 23, 2010- Did open mike at Plymouth last night. Took Jimmy. Went out to eat and listened to jazz
on Pbs driving home in the dark after the gig...I like that part.
Tuesday January 19, 2010- Early retirement in November has kept me busy. l will get back to music
stuff soon. Open Mike at Plymouth Nov. 27th was crowded so we watched the Christmas parade, jammed a little,
and left.

Thursday October 15, 2009- 
Kiwanis Arts & Crafts Fair went well. Elizabeth played piano with Tracy and Chris
and I did a few songs. Chris and I did 1st Official Gig- Willowdale Nursing Home. Christopher plays with the
Manitowoc Symphony this weekend and then I'll book 2nd Official Gig.
Saturday July 25, 2009- Played World-at-Peace and Spinning Song at Franklin Haus. Not my best effort but
talked to the "Kiwanis" performers.
Thursday July 23, 2009- Been practicing and getting ready for gigs with Christopher.
Friday May 29, 2009- Last open mike at Plymouth Arts Center for this season.
Demo of Em7+4 open string chord in Fire&Rain. Also played Anji- went good!
Friday April 24,2009- Played Embyonic Journey, it rocked! Diary was suspended last year until now, due
to tendonitis in finger (unable to play#$%) and had to make new web site.


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