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Tuesday May 20, 2008- Severe winter shoulder/hip/finger tendonitis resulted in
no music activity for last few months. Better now- will try open jam Plymouth 5/30?!
Planning 2nd Annual Acoustic Open Mike at Kiwanis Arts & Crafts Fair August 17th.
Sunday February 11, 2008- Plymouth Open Mike Jan.4 w. Jimmy- "If Not for You", strum & sing!,
and Doc's Guitar.


Tuesday December 18, 2007
- As usual, its been too long. Did Little Farmer FAMA in October,
entire 2nd set plus- Black Mountain Rag w. Christopher...also at Plymouth open mike at Thanksgiving.
Monday September 24, 2007- Henris fixed Martin D-18 and Fender 1966 De-lux Reverb Amp.
Kiwanis Open Mike August 19th went great despite threatening weather.
Great performances by String Along Band, Pete Scheuerman, and Mike Mathes. John Higgins and
I covered the open mike session. We're invited back for next year. Did Plymouth open mike Sept. 21st
w. Jimmy, played Creole Belle/Richland Woman (Mississippi John Hurt).
Wednesday June 13, 2007- Saw Doc Watson May 19th in Madison w. family, great event.
Open mike in May skipped because bass player couldn't make it- was it my bass solo in Borneo joke?!
Tuesday, May 1, 2007- Met with Kiwanis- Open Mike August 19th is a go!
Did Fama jam on 4/15 and Plymouth Open Mike 4/20, both with Jimmy.. listened to
Alison Krause and Union Station on the way home. Announced Kiwanis event.
Sunday, February 4, 2007- Did a gig in January.. just to do Walk Don't Run with a bass.
Going to try Anji (Paul Simon) w. bass in March or April. Trying to set up open mike
in August at Kiwanis Arts & Crafts Fair.


Saturday, December 9, 2006
- Did some open jams at Capitol Civic Center and Plymouth. Both
went well. Did a piece with a bass player and one of my own pieces- World at Peace.
Next- FAMA open mike this Sunday, Walk-Don't-Run with bass player in January (Plymouth).
November 6, 2006- Went to FAMA meeting 9/10 and jammed..and joined. Did entire
1st set at Little Farmer 9/30, went good! Did open jam at Plymouth 10/20. I'm busy and things are
happening. More open jams heading towards one/two set performances....
August 20, 2006- No Open Jams since April..not too much recording done either.
Went to Rosario guitar festival in Ohio w. Chris. Almost ready to do gig.
Open jams start up soon. Keep dreaming.
April 22, 2006- Did Open Jam at Plymouth (see gigs). I've been recording
practices which counts as the start of serious recording. Next jam is late
May- Greenapple in Appleton..or Plymouth or Fondy..
March 11, 2006- Was all set to record and then started
working on taxes..which are pretty much done on to recording.
Will work in an open jam here and there. Sorry to see Jumpin' Jambalaya
Fest canceled (Cedar Lake burned down), and Wonderful World Coffee
House in Sheboygan closed. Everyone I keep tabs on is at Merlefest this year.


Nov 28, 2005
- Did Plymouth Center, premiered Wi. River!.
Oct. 2,2005- Did 4 song set at Little Farmer outdoors. Went good.
Sept. 24,2005- Did not do it. My "arrangements" for my 2 sets is almost done!
Sept. 5,2005- No more open jams in Plymouth, one in Fondulac
Sunday Sept. 11... might just do it.
July 31,2005- Opps.. Plymouth Center was "Concert", no open jam.
Fortunately I figured this out before going down there.
July 16,2005-Looking for gig before July 30th. Still practicing..done tweaking
computer system and ready to record. World of/at Peace lyrics done..except for
"of" or "at".
July 3,2005-Did not make the June 24th gig..sorry but it was probable, not certain.
Looking for gig before July 30th.
June 19,2005-Practicing for upcoming gigs, website now uses tables(!).
Not quite getting to recording.. but World of/at Peace lyrics are almost finished.
June 4, 2005- This software is not very easy to use yet. I can't put objects
where I want them, but that will improve over time. I'll keep up with info anyhow.
So this year I performed at the Jumpin' Jambalaya Fest and at the last
Capitol Civic Center open mike. Both were taped.
May 31, 2005- Sorry for the delay. Last year I went to a 3 computer system and
my homepagewas stuck on a computer isolated from the internet. I now have got a
homepage editor working on the internet computer.