Set List
Cats got the Measles, Dogs got the Whoopin' CoughTraditional Appalachian folk tuneVocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Anjiby Davey Graham (British '60s), made famous by Paul SimonGuitar instrumental
CalgaryAdapted from Ian & Sylvia (70's Canadian folk duo) Vocals, Guitar
Nashville BluesFlat pickin' from Doc Watson, written by Delmore brosVocals, Guitar
Spinning SongArranged by Charlie Cramer based on sister's piano lessonsGuitar instrumental
Deep River BluesFrom Doc Watson, originally Delmore bros Big River BluesVocals, Guitar
World at PeaceCharlie Cramer original composition, circa 1971Vocals, Guitar
Doc's Guitar Finger style pickin' from Doc WatsonGuitar instrumental
Set #2
Short GrassIan & SylviaVocals, Guitar
Ted Mack RagKoerner & Glover (Ray listens)Guitar, Harmonica
Creole Belle/Richland WomanMississippi John HurtVocals, Guitar
Grandfather's ClockHenry Clay Work 1876, a famous storyVocals, Guitar
Windy & WarmDoc Watson instrumental, composed by John D LoudermilkGuitar instrumental
Long Lonesome RoadTraditional. I think I got this from Ian & Sylvia Vocals, Guitar
Wisconsin RiverCharlie Cramer original composition, circa 1970Vocals, Guitar
Embryonic JourneyJorma Kaukonen (Jefferson Airplane) instrumentalGuitar instrumental
Black Mountain RagTraditional flat-pickin' tune, from Doc WatsonTwo Guitar instrumental
Tom DooleyOriginal version! from Doc WatsonVocals, Guitar, Harmonica
If Not for YouBob Dylan, this song made famous by George HarrisonVocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Walk Don't Run50's rock instrumental by Ventures, adapted to Travis pickin'Guitar instrumental
Mr. Tamborine ManBob DylanVocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Jingle BellsFinger-style instrumental good for Christmas timeGuitar instrumental