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The Martin Guitar Repair
I got the Martin Guitar in 1967 while I was a sophmore at Carleton College. It was $263.73 with the case, from Terminal Music Supply, New York.
After 43 years, the Martin D-18 action was getting too high, even after cutting down the saddle to almost nothing and having the bridge plate planed down. The authorized Martin luthier is Lane's Lutherie in Madison and they did an excellent job. They have a backlog, so it took 2 1/2 months. They reset the neck, a very complex and risky endeavor, and put in a new bridge plate and saddle. The action is very low and does not buzz. I also had K&K Sound passive pickups added and they are great.
  Martin Guitars honored the Lifetime Guarantee and the neck-reset was done under warrenty. Take note- there is now a cutoff date and the lifetime guarantee is actually 40 years now.
  I am very happy with my guitar now. Martin Guitars and Lane's Lutherie are people you can trust.